An Explanation of a Federal Trial by a Fairfax Criminal Defense Lawyer

Securing an experienced Fairfax criminal defense lawyer is key to a successful outcome in any federal trial. Like most trials, after the pretrial activity and jury selection, the trial will commence. The evidence considered is usually either physical evidence or testimony from witnesses who are questioned by both sides.

Arlington Criminal Defense Lawyer – Types Of Federal Trials

If you are facing a federal crime, an experienced Arlington criminal defense lawyer will be able to fight for your freedom. Federal crimes begin with an indictment, followed by an arraignment and investigation. As the trial progresses, it will either be a jury trial or a bench trial.

Northern Virginia Criminal Defense Attorney – What Happens After An Indictment?

Anyone who is indicted will quickly become familiar with how a case moves through federal courts. A Northern Virginia criminal defense attorney will be able to help you through each stage of the process and make sure you know what to expect as the case moves along.

Arlington Criminal Defense Lawyer – Understanding A Federal Indictment

The formal beginning of a federal criminal case is called an indictment. Although someone may be familiar with the name, they may not know exactly what an indictment is. Anyone facing an indictment should contact an Arlington criminal defense lawyer who can help in the defense.

Arlington Criminal Defense – Understanding Identity Theft

Anyone facing identity theft charges needs to seek out an aggressive Arlington criminal defense team who can fight on his or her behalf. Identity theft has been in the spotlight more in the past few years than before and anyone suspected of such thefts will likely face charges.

Can a Single Blow Lead to a Malicious Wounding Charge? A Fairfax Criminal Defense Lawyer Explains

Malicious wounding is a crime that requires the Commonwealth to prove that a person intended to “maim, disfigure, disable, or kill” another. Recently, the Virginia Supreme Court was asked to examine whether a man convicted of a punching another man once was sufficient to uphold a conviction of malicious wounding. The Virginia Supreme Court agreedRead more

Fairfax Criminal Defense Lawyer – ‘Crimes Against Nature’ Law Pushed In Virginia

Any changes or proposed changes of criminal law in Virginia are of utmost importance as a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer because I need to know what I am facing when a client comes to me and is charged with a crime. A recent bill introduced in the state house to update the sodomy laws wasRead more