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Fairfax County 2018 Arrest Statistics

According to the Fairfax County Police Department Statistics Report for 2018 (p. 155) (valid as of May 08, 2019), they made 23,260 arrests during the year. These arrests represent 8.5% of the total number of statewide arrests which was 279,288. Fairfax City Police, which is a separate agency, reported 497 arrests during the year.

Incidents Reported Versus Arrests

Just because an incident is reported to have occurred this does not mean that it did in fact occur, or that an actual arrest will take place. At times the police are able disprove an allegation, but often they do not make an arrest due to a lack of supporting evidence (probable cause).  Let’s look at these numbers.

For the year, FCPD reported a total of 33,137 incidents involving Group A Offenses, from which 13,027 arrests were made. This means that arrests were made about 39% of time for alleged incidents involving these offenses. Group A offenses include the more serious crimes that are categorized as Crimes Against Persons (e.g., Assault, Rape, Murder), Crimes Against Property (e.g., Arson, Shoplifting, Theft) and Crimes Against Society (e.g., Drug Violations, Weapon Violations).

Most Common Group-A and Group B-Arrests

As previously mentioned, the Fairfax County Police Department reports their arrests for Group A Offenses, which are the more serious crimes, separately from Group B Offenses which include DUI, Trespassing, Bad Checks, etc.

Shown below are charts that show some of the most common offenses for which the FCPD made arrests in 2018. The top 5 offenses for which the most arrests occurred in 2018 are:

  3. DRUNKENNESS (2169)
  4. SIMPLE ASSAULT (1923)
  5. DUI (1829)

Top 3 Group-B Offenses Arrests

  • 2018 Arrests

Top 4 Group-A Crimes Against Persons Arrests

  • Arrests

Top 4 Group-A Crimes Against Property Arrests


Top 5 Group-A Crimes Against Society Arrests

  • Arrests

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