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Patrick Anderson & Associates
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 177 reviews
 by Derek C Savell
Jessica Richardson

In the past three years I have had the pleasure of being represented by Jessica Richardson. My case was very serious and complex, which lead to different types of court filings. I have not encountered a more prepared or professional individual. Jessica has had my six from the word go and represented me with exceptional outcomes every time. We have one more court filing, and she has my complete confidence in handling it. She is more family than lawyer to me at this point. Personal is best word to describe how Patrick's team treats their clients. Patrick and his team of highly qualified individuals have been worth every penny I have paid.

 by Shalon Thomas
Patrick Anderson and Jerri Fuller

I highly recommend Patrick Anderson and Associates, especially Jerri Fuller. I had a 30 year old case that I didn't realize was still pending until I had to be fingerprinted for my new position. Jerri worked closely on my case and was able to have the cased dismissed. I appreciate Patrick and Jerri for their work to resolve this case for me.

 by Michele Kennedy Kouadio
Jessica Richardson & Patrick Anderson

I highly recommend the Law Firm of Patrick Anderson and Associates and in particular Jessica Richardson. Patrick Anderson returned my call on a Friday night, personally. Jessica helped guide our case with her Knowledge of law and the system and with an understanding attitude and approach. We all learned a valuable lesson about law and doing the right thing, appropriately. Their team of legal assistants also contributes effectively to moving a continuous stream of legal documents. Kudos to Jessica, Patrick and their team.

 by Jordon
Exceptional Outcome

I have absolute respect and gratitude to my attorney, Mr.Willie Mejia. I prepared myself mentally for a worse case scenario. I prepared my self for possible negotiations with listening to Mr. Willie’s guidance.

When he walked up to me yesterday and said the case is dismissed: I was and still am elated with joy and peace! Mr. Willie is passionate, intelligent and cautiously uses strategy for the best outcome possible while explaining processes very clearly. Mr. Willie treated me like a person who he truly cares about, not just a case number and a stack of papers.

If you find yourself in a legal situation, I highly recommend Patrick Anderson and Associates. I especially suggest requesting Mr. Willie Mejia to represent you. Thank you Mr. Willie!!! I feel free to move forward in my life and career, once again in a positive direction. This freedom and weight off of my shoulders is because of your hard work and excellent representation! I can’t say thank you enough!

Very Respectfully,

 by Client
Very Satisfied Client

If you are in legal trouble and need a lawyer, call Patrick Anderson. There are many bad or inexperienced lawyers out there who are happy to take your money and go thru the motions, do not be fooled. My son was being accused of something he was 100% completely innocent of. I had talked to two other lawyers who gave me a grim outlook of possible prison time. Patrick spoke to my son; was confident he was innocent and took the correct procedures to get the case completely dismissed. I am thankful every day I made that third call. Patrick is very experienced and understood the stress our family was going thru and made the process bearable. Patrick is one of the best and I highly recommend him; he is worth every penny!

 by Rob Maxey
Jessica Knows her Stuff

We hired Jessica Richardson to represent a family member who had a bad night and made some judgmental mistakes. The charges were quite serious. Jessica put us in her hands and gave us the "straight up" on how this could play out. Never made promises she could not guarantee and guided us through the whole process. In hindsight the path she chose and how she played her cards where nothing short of brilliance. This was a very trying time, stressful and worrisome, Jessica came through like a Godsend. We cannot thank her enough. She navigated a very stormy sea into a safe harbor. We will never forget her effort and dedication. Nor her empathy and reassurance during such a trying time. She gave our loved one a chance to move forward in life without permanent scars that would deny a second chance. And everyone deserves that. Thank You, Jessica ! We are forever in your debt.

 by J.T
He is a great lawyer

I was accused by a family member. Even some of my own family did not believe in my innocence and I lost them probably forever even though Patrick Anderson found evidence of my innocents they still don't believe me. Mr. Anderson relieved me of the weight knowing I did not do this but the police finally realized that I was truthful. He is a great lawyer and maybe he can help you too. God bless you and your family.

 by RJ
..it is very important to have a competent, proactive and understanding lawyer

I unfortunately got myself into legal trouble with a few charges within a couple months of each other, in different jurisdictions, stemming from an addiction problem. At a time like that, when it feels like you’re spiraling, it is very important to have a competent, proactive and understanding lawyer who has good relationships with prosecutors. Jessica was all of those things. She got outcomes better than I could’ve hoped on two of the charges and the third was dropped. My family and I were able to put that chapter behind us and move forward with her guidance through the process.

 by Thomas Miccolis
Jessica Richardson Legal Defense

Jessica was an OUTSTANDING lawyer and advocate for me. I was completely falsely accused and devastated by such a vicious personal attack. Jessica was kind, patient and caring through literally EVERYTHING I had to go through and ultimately got the prosecutor to drop the charges. She affirmed my trust daily as well as my trust for real, honest, hardworking attorneys that do everything to help the innocent from malevolent reprobates that intentionally abuse the legal system in VA to inflict revenge. I highly recommend Jessica to anyone! She ALWAYS goes the extra mile for her clients and her fees are reasonable. Most of all she will be THERE when you need her!

 by Jonathan
Exceptional Attorneys

Ms. Richardson was absolutely phenomenal. I couldn't ask for a better representative. Very professional and understanding. I felt very much at ease knowing I was in the best hands.

 by Client
Excellent Service

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jeff Mangeno in a personally challenging situation. Jeff was always calm and responsive with very clear direction on what needed to be done. While I remained nervous throughout, the outcome was much better than I expected due to his experience, due diligence and personal care about my case. Highly recommend and know who to call if I need an attorney again. I highly recommend him.

 by Marty

I'll keep it short. I was being falsely accused. One call from Patrick and it went away. Worth every penny!!

 by Kathy
Jessica Richardson

First things first, when I hired PNA Law for their services and I first saw Jessica, I thought she looks to quit and I needed someone that can really fight in the ring cause boy I needed a superhero to get me out of this. To my surprise, don’t judge a book by its cover cause she got me up out of there with no jail time just probation. She made it do what it do😂😂😂. Putting all jokes aside, Jessica was always professional and accessible always. Ms Jessica Richardson “ your my super hero💛💛💛💛💛💛

 by Client
Excellent lawyers

My family will always be so grateful for Willie Mejia, Jessica Richardson, and Jeff Mangeno's outstanding representation. They're all extremely knowledgeable and are just great human beings who will be real with you, help you reach the best solution, and also treat you with dignity and compassion. A special thanks to Willie for your kindness, thoroughness and dedication, and for getting us through what was a very tough time.

 by Shane
Great Experience

Mr. Anderson was phenomenal. He was always accessible via text and phone and helped keep me level heading during very stressful times. He had relationships in the police department that ensured we had accurate information. After paying the first half of the fee for representation, the issue was resolved extremely quickly. He ended up refunding me the vast majority of the fee and made it clear I could reach out again if needed. While I hope to never need to be represented by Mr. Anderson again, the experience was outstanding and I'd do it again if needed. I can't recommend enough.

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