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Excellent professionals

Since the beginning Patrick helped me a lot with my case and now in the end I couldn't be more thankful to Jessica Richardson and everything she did for me, she was patient and resourceful every time I needed her. Thank you so much!

Second time around drug charges. Avoided jail time and that is what i hoped for. You are a great man and I truly appreciate you. I will take your advice this time.

Jessica was very detailed in analyzing documents. She is strategic and she can very efficiently handle the situation to obtain the best result for the client. I would recommend her to my friends.

Words cannot adequately express our gratitude to Patrick and all staff members

We just want to send a huge thank you to Patrick for taking our son's case. We were confident we had the best legal help we could hope to find for a case such as his. Our son lost his job and had to sell his house before he even had a chance to defend himself in court. His life was being destroyed based solely on an accusation. This has been the most difficult time of our lives, but thanks to the efforts of Patrick and his staff, the charges were dropped and our son can now get on with his life and career. He starts back at his old job next week. The outcome has been far better than we dared to hope for. Words cannot adequately express our gratitude to Patrick and all staff members who helped with this case, but thank you again so much for correcting this situation and helping us all get our lives back to normal.

Could not be more thankful

Could not be more thankful for Mr. Anderson and his full team for all of their hard work and compassion during this unfortunate stressful situation. I will be forever grateful!

Jessica was a great help to me

Jessica was a great help to me. She was always in contact with me, would text me the day before I had court to remind me. She was real chill and I felt like she was easy to talk to. We didn't just talk about my case. We also talked about sports and other things. She is awesome. I will definitely be using her again if I am ever in trouble with the law again.

You are my heroes

I'll no longer buy into the stereotype that lawyers have. Every lawyer I met in this firm was absolutely terrific. Patrick was the lead in my case I guess you could say, but Rob and Madison also helped tremendously. After getting to know them and seeing them in action and knowing what they were able to do for me, I have nothing but praise for these people. You are my heroes and thank you for getting me past a very difficult and scary time in my life!

...nothing less than outstanding

Jessica Richardson represented my son in a case and her performance was nothing less than outstanding. In sum, Jessica Richardson is an impressive, knowledgeable, persuasive attorney and I'd recommend and endorse her service without reservation.

...totally beyond my expectation

Mr Anderson and his associate did a wonderful job for my case. it was resolved without any complication that was totally beyond my expectation thank you for your service.

I retained Patrick and his firm after being arrested while visiting my son in Virginia. He is a stand up guy and made the process as easy as possible considering that I live about 300 miles away. I was released from jail ROR and met with him before I left and I was able to drive home feeling somewhat ok about the whole thing. I did have to return to VA for court but the judge tossed the bogus charges to the dismay of the arresting officer. I asked the court for compensation for my travel expenses but that went nowhere. I was in a squeeze and these guys (and girls) were just terrific all around. 5 stars.

They are a great law firm

Jessica and Madison were very professional at having my case taken care of. We ended up with the results we wanted. I would definitely hire for future issues if any were to arise. They are a great law firm.

Mr. Anderson and Mr. Maury won my case...

Attorney Patrick Anderson and Associates won my case beating 3 felony charges. Its hard when you are going against somebody who said you did something even though you didn't. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried at times. I knew these guys were great lawyers but anything can happen in court. I appreciate your hard work and for being straight with me.  

..he is not afraid to fight

Patrick went the extra mile for me when other lawyers I talked to said my case was "tough" and "troubling" I beleive those are the words they used. Both lawyers I talked to before Patrick said I should probably take a plea because of the jail time I was facing but I wanst going to plea to something I did not do. I trusted Patrick to fight for me and my family and he never once let me down. The man is so smart when it comes to law and he is not afraid to fight. Glad I chose him and you should too.

Patrick Anderson & Associates took care of my case. Jessica Richardson took time to explain to me all the options and got my Hit and Run reduced to a Failure to Pay Full Time and Attention. She kept me informed throughout the process and made me feel at ease.

Thank you all for fighting for me

In the end what matters is Attorney Anderson corrected an injustice. I have nothing but praise for him and his legal team, but my view of the court system is no longer a positive one though. Police shouldn't be allowed to charge someone with so many things without enough evidence. And employers like mine should not be allowed to suspend someone just because they were charged. This process has been a wake up call for me. I was facing prison time for being accused of grand larceny. Had I not been able to hire a lawyer like Patrick my life would have been shattered. Thank you all for fighting for me.

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