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I was charged by Federal authorities. Patrick and his team of lawyers were a breath of fresh air for me. Very knowledgeable, competent and hard-working. I knew right from the start that I was in good hands and this became even more apparent to me as my case went forward. I am free thanks to this firm’s unrelenting work, and am very, very grateful.

I got a 2nd DUI and was told by my friend that I would for sure have to do jail time. I called Attorney Patrick Anderson and fortunately for me my first DUI was many years ago so he told me there would be no mandatory jail time but that jail time could be possible. Given what could have been I feel that he got me the best possible plea for my case. Yes I would absolutely recommend him.

Best lawyers- highly recommend!

They represented me for two cases and did a great job on both of them. I was very pleased with the work they did, I got the result I wanted in both of them. Having never had any encounters with the law before, the process can be very intimidating. But, I’m glad it’s over and don’t think I could have had the success if it wasn’t for the hard work of the law firm of Patrick Anderson.

I cant thank him enough

If it werent for my mom I wouldnt have bothered with a lawyer but she insisted. I had basically given up but Patrick lifted me up when we first talked. I was facing some heavy time and man ill tell you that this guy is just first rate at what he does. I see this as another chance I cant thank him enough.

by Willie Younger on Patrick Anderson & Associates

Jessica is awesome, always made time to answer any questions I had in a timely manner. She was able to reduce the DUI to a Reckless driving. I will truly recommend Jessica to represent any friend of mine.

I recommend him 100%

I am very fortunate that I found Attorney Patrick Anderson for what I was arrested for. At a time when even some of my "close" friends seem to have strayed away from me, he made me feel ok and truly fought for me. He is a true professional and never judged me based upon what was supposed to have happened. Yes I recommend him 100% and thank you again.

by Alex stapleton on Patrick Anderson & Associates
Thank you David Lloyd!

I highly recommend this law firm to anybody in need of a lawyer. David Lloyd worked diligently to get my case dismissed and resolved. I was so nervous about all the possible outcomes but he constantly reassured me. Thank you so much to David I can sleep well tonight!!

Attorney Jessica Richardson was assigned to my case. She was very professional and eased a lot of stress for me. Walked me through the process, had me take proactive steps and provided updates and answered any questions I had during the process. In the end she was able to get the charges dismissed for me. Highly recommend her as I will always be in debt to her.

5 stars...

Patrick Anderson and the rest of his legal team were exceptional. They contacted me frequently and provided some much needed assurance and support when I was at my lowest. Zealous advocacy is an understatement because Mr. Anderson and the rest of the firm did everything they could to help me. The case resulted in a dismissal and I could not be happier. 5 stars for both the representation and the people working at Mr. Anderson's firm.

Patrick Anderson provided me with legal advice and guidance during a difficult situation. He was compassionate and understanding and listened to my concerns and promptly responded to my texts/calls when questions arose. He was very honest and knowledgeable and offered sound legal advice preparing a defense strategy right away. I highly recommend Patrick for anyone seeking legal representation.

From a guy whose been around the block I'll tell you that Patrick is the man you want on your side. He talks the talk and walks the walk. Thanks.

..never felt embarrassed to talk to him

Patrick Anderson is a wonderful man who never judged me and was on my side the whole time. I never felt embarrassed to talk to him about my charges. He fought for me the whole time and got my charges reduced to something that is not so bad. This was more than I thought anyone could do. Yes I would recommend Mr. Anderson to anyone i know.

..did everything in her power

Throughout my process I was mortified, Jessica Richardson did everything in her power to get my assault and battery case dismissed and she made it happen. I couldn't be more thankful and blessed to have picked the law firm and lawyer I did thank you so much for everything you did for me!! I'd recommend her to anyone!!-a girl who really needed the help

Excellent Work by Herson Merino

I was recently represented by Herson Merino for a public intoxication charge. Thanks to his counsel my charge was dismissed. I could not have been happier with his service. Herson was professional, efficient and very reassuring. After my charge was dismissed, Herson made sure to let me know that even though it was dismissed, an expungement of the records was necessary in Virginia to completely clear my record. Without this information, I would still have had an incident on my record (a charge labelled as dismissed) which could have affected my security clearance investigation and future job prospects. Thank you, Herson!

Great team to have on your side if you need legal representation . From day one they always made feel that they have your back and best intentions and made feel at ease . On court date my Attorney was working my case up to the last minute, by the time my case came up for review and sentencing the case was dismissed . I will definetly recommend then to anyone I know. Great experience .

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