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Patrick Anderson & Associates
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 150 reviews
by Jay on Patrick Anderson & Associates
...I knew I had picked a good lawyer

Patrick Anderson is an exceptional attorney. I'll never forget the moment I heard him arguing in court I knew I had picked a good lawyer. The zeal in his voice made me feel as though I was his son or something. My experience was nothing less than fantastic and he has certainly won my confidence and vote. Thank you Sir.

by Client on Patrick Anderson & Associates

I became aware of Jessica Richardson after she had a friends misdemeanor charge dismissed and expunged. I was recently wrongfully arrested on a felony charge, and I immediately reached out to PNA requesting Jessica’s assistance. Despite being the holiday season, within two weeks Jessica and Jeffrey Mangeno were able to have my bond order modified, allowing me to enjoy the holidays with my family. Within five weeks, my charges were dismissed and the expungement process initiated.

Patrick, Jessica, Jeffrey, and Hannah were all very responsive and reassuring during a very scary moment of my life. In my own experience, PNA has twice proven fast, attentive, efficient, and effective. I will recommend them to anyone needing legal assistance in the future.

by Michael Cannon on Patrick Anderson & Associates
Jeff Mangeno is the best!

I can't express how happy I am with Jeff Mangeno's diligence, honesty and solid work ethic, as we worked towards a resolution of my misdemeanor charges. While they were just misdemeanors, they could have easily had a lifelong effect on my clearance and future employment opportunities. It was Jeff's knowledge of the local court system and the law, that prevented an abnormal evening, into possibly having lifelong consequences. I am over the age of 49 and have never had an interaction with law enforcement, besides a speeding ticket, so this was a very stressful event. Jeff guided me through the process to an absolute perfect result. Can't recommend him and PNALAW enough! Thanks!

by Chase on Patrick Anderson & Associates
..i would never ever use another attorney

I've used Jeff Mangeno In multiple cases and he has always been phenomenal. He listens With so much detail And always gives me the best advice. I have always felt confident that I am his main priority. Even when cases didn't look like it was in my favour. Jeff always found a way through the court Law to provide me with the best result. Jeff always fought for me. I researched alot of attorney's and after hiring Jeff on my side, i would never ever use another attorney. He has a passion for his clients and you rarely find that. He is phenomenal. Thank you Jeff!

by Latasha Lee on Patrick Anderson & Associates
...nothing but amazing!

Jessica Richard was assigned to my case. From that moment and beyond Jessica Richard has been nothing but amazing! She is very professional, prompt, and most important, her knowledge and customer service is impeccable! She is so easy to talk to and work with! Jessica kept me updated all the time! From the beginning when Patrick Anderson called me back until my case my case was dismissed they have been nothing but honest! You want a easy going, relatable, feels like family, and knows her stuff type of attorney, then ask for Jessica! You will thank me later!

by William Njamen on Patrick Anderson & Associates

I rate this group with a 5 stars. Attorney Jessica Richardson was a great help to me with my case. I was involved in a car accident and she literally took care of my case and all the charges against me were removed. She was so professional in her job. I was informed about every detail concerning my case and she was always available to clarify any concern I had. I recommend her to everyone who need help. I was very satisfied.

by Charles on Patrick Anderson & Associates
..recommend him 100%

Patrick Anderson is hands down the best lawyer that I have ever hired. Honestly he is not the cheapest lawyer, but he is definitely one of the most powerful lawyers around in my opinion. I recommend him 100% to anyone who is facing heavy charges.

by Charles on Patrick Anderson & Associates
Got it done

Jeffrey Mangeno and Jessica Richardson stepped in when another law firm fell through and got the case dismissed -- enough said! Thank you!

by David N on Patrick Anderson & Associates
Worthy every penny

I have used PNA in two different types of cases with dismissals both times. Listen to what they tell do you, do what they ask of you, and you can be assured they will present the best argument for you. Thank you to Hanna for the hard work she put in on my last case. You are appreciated!

by Paige on Patrick Anderson & Associates
Fantastic support

The peace of mind of a quality attorney cannot be understated. I appreciated having the support in the court room and ahead of time and I felt the value was well worth the price. I knew what to expect, and I was kept informed through the process, and Jessica Richardson was fantastic throughout.

by Gary Hendershott on Patrick Anderson & Associates
Best Attorney In Virginia

Patrick Anderson is the finest attorney I have ever met, he handled my case with expert care and attention. He knows his law and helps a lot of people I am just glad that he helped me too ! I recommend Patrick Anderson 100% for he is the BEST ! Thank You Patrick and staff keep up the good work.

by Dan on Patrick Anderson & Associates
Thank You

When my adult child was arrested for a sex offence, we needed an attorney right away..
I contacted Patrick Anderson & Associates. Patrick was very sympathetic and understood the grief my wife and I were experiencing.
He advised us on a course of action and stared gathering information to build a defense for my child. He also set us up with a very good therapist to help my child thru this ordeal .
Both Patrick and Jessica worked on my child's case for months and were a source of comfort for me and my wife as well as my child..
When the date of the sentencing hearing finally arrived Jessica put up an excellent defense for my child and he was given the absolute minimum sentence allowed by the law.
While this is a very difficult time for my wife and I. I am comforted knowing Patrick and Jessica worked hard and achieved the best possible outcome in this case.

by Paul on Patrick Anderson & Associates
Total Commitment

If you're reading this review chances are you have gotten into some kind of trouble. I can tell you that this firm is "Totally Committed" to you and your family. As I have to deal with my own circumstances Patrick and his team have been there to support me and my family seven days a week. Some attorney's only care about fees, but Patrick Anderson and Associates care about you and they will work hard and fight for the best outcome for you. Great people and great attorneys. Thank you.

by John on Patrick Anderson & Associates
Above and beyond my expectations

I was reported to the Child Welfare Services concern with something that would have affected me for the rest of my life. I do not have police record or been in trouble before. I contacted Patrick Anderson and explained my situation. He was vary professional and took on my case. After several months the charges were dropped.

I feel this is due to Patrick and his associates. They kept following up with the detective on the case and they worked diligently on behalf. I have no words that can express my appreciation.

by Andrew on Patrick Anderson & Associates

I was caught in a situation where the Feds and the local police both were trying to charge me with basically the same thing. I have never been in trouble with law before so I made the mistake of waiting for a miracle. I did eventually find a miracle but is was in the form of advise from my sister and a lawyer. Something finally drove me to call and ask about my situation and I spoke with Attorney Patrick Anderson. Honestly, had I not my life would be turned upside down. He is THE BEST. You give lawyers a good name Mr. Anderson and thank you so much for who you are.

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