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Patrick Anderson & Associates
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 202 reviews
 by C.Gordon
Can’t mess with Jess!

Jessica Richardson handled two of my cases. Without going into too much detail about my specific cases but because of COVID we dealt with some unusual circumstances that were hard in the beginning but in the end we had a favorable outcome. Jessica’s professionalism, and honesty during the process was outstanding. Jessica thank you for everything over the past almost 2 years.

 by B. Hubbs
Attorney Willie Meija

Mr. Meija, and his firm, were amazing in being so responsive and on top of every single step, including involving me in all the stages of the case as well as to check on my well-being. He would answer all emails, calls, and texts right away, and did so with respect and kindness. Finding myself in a position I never expected, Mr. Meija, fought for me every step of the way. He did not look for an easy way out, or to quickly get my case closed and move on. He pushed for continuances and recommended steps I could take to try to help with my case. If not for his diligence, emotional intelligence, and his relationships with the prosecutor's office, I would not have received the favorable outcome I did. His attention to my case allowed me to focus on what's important to me, healing and recovery. I would recommend him and his firm to everyone.

 by Justin
1st and last

I made a bad decision earlier this year by getting a DUI, and I learned a valuable life lesson. Willie Mejia was there to help me during this process. He was not only patient with me, but he also educated me throughout. My phone calls and text messaged were responded to promptly. I don't know how I would've managed to keep my composure without his help. Thanks again.

 by Michelle Clark
Got my life back

Because of the expertise and follow through of Willie Mejia, i got my life back after originally facing felony charges. I cant say enough about his diligence and willingness to really fight for me and my future!!

 by Ann Marie Hemmel

Patrick Anderson is remarkable given his busy demanding schedule that he would stop his day and phone me, returning my message. Ask how he could help, and offered, with a kind heart and professionalism, despite our last contact being 4 years ago. I am only a relative of his client. I felt his support to be very reassuring. I am thankful for him. Again he proved that he is reliable.

 by Jim
For Willie Mejia

Willie Mejia recently helped me through the absolute worst experience of my life. His legal acumen and his ability to navigate the judicial process are the real reasons why I'm not in jail but am instead at home writing this review today. I hate to think of what I’d be facing right now if I didn’t have Willie fighting for me. If you want the best possible outcome for yourself, contact Patrick Anderson & Associates immediately and ask for Wile Mejia.

 by David

Having a sense of urgency. I was faced with the challenge of finding a lawyer, who would be able to represent and present my case in a court of law. I found this person Attorney Jerri Fuller. She has demonstrated her expertise in her field to be nothing short of excellence, par excellence, Courteous and attentive with empathy, She has demonstrated professionalism throughout the entire process, ultimately resulting in the expected result, success. My deepest gratitude goes beyond measure to Attorney Jerri Fuller, Esquire, who I strongly recommend without reservation, crème de la crème.

 by anthony coleman

Just this past March I was facing two felony charges that could have ruined my chances at future employment and/or a chance of getting into law school. Ms. Richardson mapped out a plan for me and spoke so eloquently to the judge and prosecutor in my case that any impending jail time and a damaged criminal record immediately went way. All I have to do is call my probation officer once a week for four more months. After that the judge promised to not even have my charges or sentence put on record. As cheap as I am, this is the best money that perhaps I have ever spent in my life. I highly recommend her to anyone, especially if you are facing your first felony. I rest easier now. Much easier.

 by Joshua simpkins

My experince with mr willy meija was wonderfull, he helped me resolve my issues within a quick timeframe, he got me out of a situation that i was never supposed to be in, he is a wonderful attorny and would reccomend him to anyone

 by Justin Zealand
Efficient & Professional

Willie Mejia with the Patrick Anderson Firm did a terrific job representing me. When speaking with Willie, he is professional and very knowledgeable. Better yet, he knows the courts and how to produce the most favorable outcomes for his clients. As someone facing a court tends to have many questions, Willie anticipated many of my concerns and described the process quite well. It's clear that Willie is invested in his work, which was much to my benefit.

 by Shannon

I would like to thank Ms. Jessica Richardson for helping us in the case against my teenage son. She knew her stuff and was not intimidated by the prosecutor or judge. She took our case and drove the 2 hours to the court hearings several times. She answered all my questions and helped us all get through this terrible time. I am glad my husband did his research at the beginning of all this and found this law firm. I am sure without Ms. Richardson's help my son would be in a different situation right now. Thanks again for driving out to the sticks to help my son.

 by Wendy

The Patrick Anderson Firm are an amazing group. Mr. Anderson took my brother's case after consulting with many other attorneys, where no one wanted to take his case. Ms. Jessica Richardson was in charge of my brothers complicated case and got him out of a big mess. She is very honest and lets you from the start what she can and cannot fight for. Jessica Anderson makes sure to stay on top of her cases and keeps you updated of any changes. I would highly recommend this firm and Ms. Richardson to any friends and family and use them again in the future if I have a need. My brother wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Ms. Anderson. Thank you for everything you did Ms. Anderson. We are very grateful.

 by Michael Pryor
For Willie Mejia

I know I was not the easiest client, for I had already been railroaded by the Fauquier County judicial system and truly felt, I had no true representation.

I must say his dedication, and preparation where beyond reproach, his calm, cool, collective demeanor helped me feel I had true representation, his sincere approach to my case, and his attention to detail let me feel more than confident, as I took the stand on my own behalf.

man's closing argument had my verdict back within ten minutes along with the fact I was not guilty, but without Willie representation I truly was up a creek without a paddle, and he proved the life vest 💯👊🏾❤️🙏🏾

 by Barbara Lucas
"Better Call Mr. Anderson"

20 months ago or so, my son was in a pickle. He was facing life in prison for a flimsy case. As a mother I was frightened for my son because he is a Black man and this was the kind of charge tbat could put him in jail for life. We tried to stick with the public defender but they were overwhelmed with cases and i knew my sons case could fall through the cracks and he would lose. One night i got on the computer and searched for the best lawyers in VA and came across Mr. Anderson bio. After reading it several times, i knew he was the right man for the job. Mr. Anderson is like a bulldog. Once he gets onto something and believes in it, he is 100 percent into it and once he takes your case things start to start changing right away. He says what he means and delivers what he said he would. Hes a straight shooter and gives it to you with both barrels. But once you get past the initial phase, you never doubt his dedication and loyalty to you as his client. He has a crackerjack team of lawyers who are just as sharp and ferocious as he. But there is no doubt that the big dog is Mr. Anderson. One of his bright stars is a lawyer named Jessica Richardson. She is extremely smart and loyal to Mr. Anderson and the rights of their clients. FI

I cant say enough about Mr. Anderson and his team. Let me say this, if you need a lawyer or know someone who needs a lawyer, please call Mr. Anderson and if he sas he will represent you, it will be the best money you ever spent. Hes not cheap, but anything worth having never is. You want your freedom? Then call Mr. Anserson and be open about your situation. If he takes your case you will never wonder if youre in good hands. Go ahead, call today and pray he can help you. He is worth every dime he charges. Thank you Mr. Anderson and Ms. Richardson for saving my son. i thought his freedom was gone until I found you on the web and i have no doubt God made that happen. Now my son is free and i know that the outcome would have been totally different if i hadnt found you. May God continue Bless you and Jessica and bring much prosperity and good health in yourvla2 firm as well as fa.ily.. We will never forget your hardwork, belief in my sons case, and loyalty to him and his rights. I sign off now with the utmost respect and adoration. I am in awe of you. Keep working hard for the wronged!

 by Mr lucas

Patrick Anderson and his staff are top notch lawyers. I was charged with six sexual Felonise. I was also facing 40 years in prison. I was turned down by several different law firms due to the complexity of my case. My family contacted Patrick Andersons law firm. He wasn’t intimidated at all by my charges. He took the case and assigned me a young lawyer, by the name of Jessica Richardson. She’s a no nonsense lawyer. She looks you in the eyes at all times. Don’t try to bull crap her because she can see right through the bull crap. I was facing the toughest prosecutor in Prince William County. Jessica Richardson was up to the challenge. She gave me a no nonsense interview. Within no time she was able to reduce my time offer from 40 years to 10 years, But she kept working the case. I’m 52 years old and she was able to bring tears to my eyes, I trusted her with my life. She kept working the case eventually the case was non-processed. At times, I thought it would be the end of the world. In the beginning she told me that she was very good at what she did and she proved to me that she was. Now I’m home with my family. I will never forget Miss Richardson and the Patrick Anderson and associates law firm. If you need a no-nonsense law firm who’s up to the challenge and won’t abandon you in the process Patrick Anderson, and associates is the law firm that you need to contact. I would like to especially thank the hard work that Mrs. Richardson put into this case. Once again, I’d like to say thanks to Patrick Anderson and associates.

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