Violent Crimes Defense Attorney

Being charged with a violent crime is extremely serious because these often carry some of the stiffest penalties in Virginia. When a person is convicted of a violent crime, the judge will generally seek to incarcerate that person for as long as possible depending on the circumstances of a given charge. Because these charges are so serious, you need an experienced attorney who can help get you get the best outcome possible from these serious allegations.

Violent crimes are generally considered one of the following:

All of these crimes have an element of force to them and all carry severe penalties, ranging from one year in prison all the way up to capital punishment. These charges require an experienced violent crimes lawyer who knows what they are doing and has successfully defended against these types of cases. Now is not the time to go with a new attorney or one who is new to the field. You need a proven, experienced attorney to handle your case.

Formulating a defense for these crimes can be difficult and will require you to sit down with a violent crime attorney in order to discuss your case. He or she will listen with an open mind and explain the charges you are facing and explain what your options are under the law. Taking this approach allows you to take control and confidence of your case.

If you have been charged with a violent crime in the state of Virginia contact the Law Offices of Patrick N. Anderson and Associates for professional legal representation. We will get to work immediately to get you the best outcome for your case. We work to trust and communication with our clients and take great pride in producing satisfied clients. No matter if you have been charged with murder, manslaughter, robbery, or any of the above crimes, we will work for you.

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