Driving is a privilege that carries significant responsibilities. Because a motor vehicle accident has the chance to seriously injure or even kill another person, the state of Virginia tightly regulated those who are allowed on the roads. If you violate too many rules of the road, the state of Virginia will take away your right to drive. Because many people rely on their vehicles to get to work or school or even to make a living themselves, driving privileges need to be reinstated as soon as possible.

If you are caught driving with a revoked or suspended license, you may face criminal charges. If caught three or more times, a mandatory jail sentence may be issued. For each suspension or revocation, your license will be revoked or suspended for an additional period of time. This can lead to a vicious cycle where a person keeps driving because they need to get to work or school but continues getting caught and losing their license for even longer. And any jail time could result in a lost job. It is vital to get your license back as quickly as you can.

Even if you are a nonresident of Virginia, your right to drive in Virginia may be suspended or revoked. This can occur if you are an out-of-state driver and receive a ticket in Virginia where you fail to pay the fine and the time you could pay the fine has passed. This can be complicated so it is wise for an out of state driver to contact a Virginia license revocation lawyer to pay any and all fines without risk of losing their license should they have to drive in Virginia again.

Even if you have never been legally licensed in a state, you may still face this charge. This is taken very seriously in Virginia and can have strict consequences.

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