Embezzlement Defense Attorney

When people work at a business they are often entrusted with certain responsibilities which include accounting for all the money. For people in high volume businesses or those where there is a lot of cash, the temptation to take a little off the top can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, people do succumb to this temptation from time to time and begin to take a little extra for themselves. If you have been put in a position of trust or responsibility over money, checks, personal property or other assets belonging to another and you are accused of stealing those assets, you may be facing embezzlement charges.

Oftentimes, embezzlement charges stem from a place where you work or volunteer and are given power over assets of a business or organization. It can include directly stealing cash from the safe, but it can also include such things as using a company credit card for personal expenses or writing checks from the company account to you or to others in order to pay personal debts. The misappropriation of funds is a very serious crime and requires an attorney right away.

This charge does, however, lend itself to false accusations. As the person in charge of the money or as someone with access to company credit cards or checks, if there is an accounting error you may be first person they look at when they begin investigating the missing money even if you had nothing to do with it. If you have a boss who is vindictive you may be accused based solely on this access because the company owner wants someone charged. It also makes you a target for scapegoating by others who may try to steal and pin it on you.

Innuendo or accusations are not enough to be convicted of embezzlement. The state will need firm charges and hard evidence in order to convict you of this serious crime. Therefore it is important to find a attorney who will fight for your rights and make sure that the state proves its case beyond a reasonable doubt. By aggressively questioning weak evidence, the defendant may watch the prosecution’s case collapse and the charges against him dropped.

A skilled embezzlement lawyer will examine the evidence against you and give you advice on how to proceed. Since these crimes often include an extensive paper trail of money from bank accounts, it can be relatively straightforward to give you an idea of how strong the evidence is against you. This way, you can be satisfied with the disposition of your case no matter how it turns out knowing that you had the best outcome possible relative to the evidence against you.

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