When people think of extortion, they probably think of gangster movies and the “protection racket.” In this racket, the mobsters would come to a local business and tell the owner he needed to pay a protection fee for security for his store. If he didn’t pay, he would find his store vandalized or he would be jumped and beaten. This is an extreme example but a good one to illustrate just how extortion works.

Unlike theft where a person just goes and steals the money, extortion happens when a person seeks to take money using the threat of force or a threatened abuse of power. If you face this charge, it can have very serious consequences.

You may face extortion charges if you:

  • Threaten to injure or harm someone else or the character or property of someone else
  • Threaten to accuse another of any offense
  • Threaten to report someone as being illegally in the United States with the intent to make the other person give up money, property or any other financial benefits.

If you are convicted of extortion, you may face a Class 5 felony. Possible punishment includes up to 10 years in jail or prison and a fine of up to $2,500. This is especially true if you are a police officer or another person in a position of power. Abusing that power through extortion often means the judge will hand down a maximum jail sentence, so if you have been charged with extortion as someone in a position of authority it is imperative that you contact us as soon as possible.

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