Property Crimes Defense Attorney

One of the most important freedoms Americans enjoy is the freedom to be secure in their property. We have strong laws that prevent against this security being taken away. If you find yourself charged with breaking one of these laws, you may face serious consequences depending on the nature of the allegations. You need a property crime attorney who will fight back and make the state prove its case.

Property crime generally consists of one of the following crimes:

In each case, the accused has allegedly taken something from its rightful owner, whether it was by stealing it or by destroying it in such a way as to render it useless. Depending on how serious the allegations are, you could be facing a lengthy jail term if convicted of one of these crimes.Minor violations of these crimes are typically charged as Class 1 misdemeanors, meaning you could face up to a year in jail. At the high end, such as an arson charge that resulted in another’s death, you could be looking at a Class 2 felony and life imprisonment. The rest of the charges fall within those extremes but a conviction will almost always result in some jail time. If you have been charged with one of the crimes above, contact a our attorneys right away for legal assistance with your case.

An important factor in all of the above crimes is intent. In each case, a person needs to set out to commit these crimes. For instance, a person must intentionally enter a home for the express purpose of committing a crime in order to be convicted of burglary. We can attack this intent, arguing that the accused did not actually set out to commit the crime they are now charged with. An attorney will need to review the facts surrounding your unique case before formulating a defense theory, so contact an attorney today to learn more about any potential defenses you may have.

If you have been charged with a property crime, contact the Law Offices of Patrick N. Anderson and Associates. We will work with you to formulate a defense that could potentially get the charges reduced or even dropped altogether. We work to build trust with our clients and constantly work to provide top quality communication. We want all of our clients to be satisfied with the outcome of their case no matter what the charge, from traffic tickets all the way to murder.

Our law firm has 34 years of experience in covering criminal defense and traffic violations in the station of Virginia. We treat each client as family to ensure they receive dedicated attention and an aggressive representation for their case. We practice law primarily in the Arlington, Fairfax, Alexandria, and Northern Virginia parts of the state.

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