Lawmakers Calling For Tougher Penalties For College Sexual Assaults

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Calls For Tougher Sexual Assault Laws

After allegations arose of a gang rape at a University of Virginia fraternity house, many Virginia lawmakers began calling for mandatory reporting of campus sexual assaults.

The popular university has been under scrutiny after Rolling Stones magazine published an article detailing a brutal account of sexual assault on campus and criticizing the university’s handling of cases that have arisen. While there are now questions about the accuracy of the reporting done in that story, it has still caused lawmakers to reexamine the serious issue of sexual assault.

One proposal, backed by three lawmakers who are both UVA graduates and former prosecutors, would require any college administrator who learns of any type of violent felony committed by a student or against a student to report the crime to local law enforcement. This would include sexual assaults.

The bill would also require the campus police to report sexual assault crimes to local police as well as keep the local police informed of investigations of such crimes.

Critics of the bill worry that such mandated reporting would silence many victims who are already afraid to speak up.

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