trafficKeeping the roadways safe is of paramount importance to authorities in Virginia. Because thousands of people are injured or killed each year while drive, police work to make sure drivers are following the rules of the road. And while getting a ticket can be a real hassle, it is just a daily part of living.

The problem is that certain types of citations, as well as receiving multiple citations can jeopardize your drivers license and also increase your auto insurance. Losing your license is obviously a major issue if you depend upon it to get to work.

Common tickets/citations include:

These are generally disposed of with a fine and some points against a person’s license, but they can become very serious if you get too many. Too many violations can mean the loss of your driver’s license for potentially years and an onerous process to get it back. Therefore even if it just your first ticket it is wise to contact a traffic attorney to prevent any additional charges or convictions to your record. Not only will this keep points off your license and keep your insurance low, it helps ensure you can keep driving freely.

More serious traffic offenses require a traffic lawyer immediately. These are crimes that carry significant penalties and even jail time. These are crimes that pose a serious threat to safety for yourself and other drivers. They include:

Driving while intoxicated is when a person drives and appears intoxicated behind the wheel. While this is often associated with alcohol and a BAC of .08, a person can be convicted without any alcohol in their system so long as they appear to be intoxicated. They can also be charged with DWI if marijuana or other drugs are found in their system. Everyone knows how serious this penalty is and Virginia has some of the toughest laws on the books. Depending on your exact blood-alcohol content, it may require some time in jail even for a first offense. It will also require an ignition interlock device. For a repeat offender, the penalties only get more serious. If you have been charged with a DWI, contact traffic attorney immediately.

Reckless endangerment carries penalties that can be just as severe a driving while intoxicated, especially if an injury accident occurs. This can include many different crimes including: speeding in excess of 80 miles per hour; speeding more than 20 MPH over the speed limit; failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, etc. If you have been charged with reckless endangerment, be sure to contact us today.

If you have gotten a traffic ticket, even if it seems minor, contact a Virginia traffic attorney at the Law Offices of Patrick N. Anderson and Associates today. We can work to keep a conviction off your record, keeping your insurance rates down and preventing these minor tickets from becoming something major. We can also help with serious violations that pose a threat to your liberty and driver’s license. We have experience handling all types of criminal cases so we know how to get you the best outcome possible.

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