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DUI Lawyers Serving Fairfax County and Alexandria Virginia for 34 YearsWelcome to the Law Offices of Patrick N. Anderson & Associates, located in Alexandria & Fairfax Virginia. For over 34 years, our highly experienced DUI defense attorneys have aggressively fought throughout northern Virginia charged with drunk driving offenses. Our attorneys focus 100% on DUI / DWI and criminal defense, and have resolved hundreds of drunk driving cases. Our firm makes it a personal goal to win each case that we undertake..

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A night of bad judgement, and now you’re facing a DUI charge which is a very scary experience. You likely don’t have any idea of what to expect or what to do next. We understand that you have many questions and concerns such as losing your license and freedom. During your free consultation, our experienced DUI/DWI attorneys will address these concerns, and let you know what we can do to give you another chance. We serve all of Northern Virginia, and have offices in Fairfax and Alexandria Virginia.

When you are faced with DUI or DWI charges, it is crucial to hire a lawyer who has the experience and drive to aggressively defend you, educate you about the charges and possible outcomes, and keep you informed about changes in your case. You need to know what will happen to your driving privileges, what fines you may face as well as other types of penalties.

This communication and education helps build trust between attorney and client. By working together with clients, our Virginia DUI attorneys can better provide a defense in your case and produce the best outcome possible. We take great pride in producing satisfied clients and we are ready to assist with any DUI, DWI, or other alcohol-related charges you may have.

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If you have been arrested or charged with DUI anywhere in Virginia, we will use our experience and influence to help you. Call us 24/7 for a free consultation…acting as soon as possible is always advised.

For Those Charged with DUI:

  • First Time Offenses:  If you have been charged with driving under the influence and have a blood-alcohol content of .08-.15 and did not cause an accident, you will likely face a fine of between $250-$600, have your license suspended for a year, and will be on probation through the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program, and require an ignition interlock device.  Often, a person can get a restricted driver’s license which will allow them to drive to work, school, doctor’s appointments, and child care responsibilities.  If your BAC is over .15, you will face a mandatory 5 days in jail and over .20 requires 10 days in jail.
  • Second Time Offenses: If your second Virginia DUI offense occurs within 5 years of your previous offense, you will face fines and a mandatory 30 days in jail.  For all others, there is a mandatory 20 days in prison with a maximum of one year.  If your BAC is over .15 in your second offense, you will face an additional 10 days in jail, with a BAC over .20 an additional 20 days in jail.  You may also have your license suspended for up to 3 years and be ineligible for a restricted license.
  • Third Time Offenses: If this is your third offense within a five year period, you will face a class 6 felony.  This can mean 1 to 5 years in prison.  If this is your third offense in 10 years, you will face a mandatory minimum of 90 days in jail.  This third offense will also carry significant fines and an indefinite license suspension.
  • Minor in Possession: If you are under 21, there is a zero tolerance policy for drinking and driving.  This means anything over .02 will result in a DUI charge.  This can result in a $500 fine as well as 50 hours of community service.  If you are under 21 and have a BAC of .08 or higher, you will face the same penalties as those over 21 along with additional charges of being a minor in possession of alcohol.
  • Field Sobriety Tests If a police officer suspects you are driving under the influence, he will give you a field sobriety test.  These standardized tests are designed to test motor skills and coordination and can be used as probable cause to administer a breathalyzer.  Because Virginia is an implied consent state, you are required to submit to these tests if prompted by an officer.  Because these tests can be improperly administered, a Virginia DUI attorney will review these tests to ensure all procedures were properly followed.
  • Blood-alcohol Test: A Virginia driver must consent to this tests if prompted by the officer.  A refusal to take such a test will result in the same penalties as a failed test and can result in separate DWI charges.  Subsequent refusals will be treated with the same penalties as failed tests.  Because these machines can be subject to errors, it is important to hire an aggressive Virginia DUI attorneys who will search for errors that can get charges dismissed.
  • Boating DUI Laws Operating a boat while under the influence of alcohol carries with it the same penalties as driving a motor vehicle while impaired.  These serious charges can result in jail time, a loss of a job, and steep fines.  If you have been charged with a DUI while operating a boat, contact a Virginia DUI lawyer right away.
  • Virginia DUI Defenses: Some people charged with DUI in Virginia will simply go in an plead guilty, thinking the evidence against them in rock solid.  This is not necessarily the case.  Charges have been thrown out by calling into the question of the breathalyzer and other tools used by the officer.  These machines must be properly maintained and calibrated in order to ensure their accuracy.  Without such maintenance, their results can be called into question, resulting in dismissals or significantly reduced charges.  A tenacious Virginia DUI attorney may be able to find issues with a DUI charge and get these charges dismissed.

Promises We Make to Our Clients:

  • We will provide you with a free consultation via phone and/or in our Fairfax or Alexandria offices.
  • We’ll educate you about your DUI or DWI charges, and explain the possible outcomes & next steps in the legal process.
  • We’ll represent you aggressively to protect your livelihood and freedoms and strive for a successful outcome.
  • We will do everything in our power to see your case dismissed or reduced.
  • Our lawyers will pool our years of experience and expertise when analyzing the best approach for your case.
  • You will be treated with compassion and utmost professionalism. You can be sure we are on your side, and will be by your side every step of the way. 


“I unfortunately got myself into legal trouble with a few charges within a couple months of each other, in different jurisdictions, stemming from an addiction problem. At a time like that, when it feels like you’re spiraling, it is very important to have a competent, proactive and understanding lawyer who has good relationships with prosecutors. Jessica was all of those things. She got outcomes better than I could’ve hoped on two of the charges and the third was dropped. My family and I were able to put that chapter behind us and move forward with her guidance through the process.” Read more >>

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