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Even if you have been convicted of a crime, it is important you know that all inmates have rights and to know and understand what those rights are. As your defense lawyer, it is important I arm anyone I defend or may defend as well as their loved ones with the information about what rights should be afforded them.

Rights While Incarcerated

If you are in jail or prison, it is important to remember you have rights and what those rights are. If you are facing jail or prison time, it helps to know those rights ahead of time and if you have a loved one who is in jail, it helps to be informed of their rights.  Here are some of an inmate’s rights.

First of all, those who have not been convicted and cannot make bail or have been denied bail due to the nature of the crime have the right to be housed in humane facilities and cannot be punished, nor treated as guilty.

Any punishment that violates a person’s basics rights is considered cruel and unusual punishment and will not be allowed. Inmates should be able to be free of sexual harassment and should have an outlet to voice their concerns over any treatment they receive.

Inmates are entitled to medical care they need for both long-term and short-term illnesses as well as mental health care. Those who are disabled retain their rights under the “Americans With Disabilities Act,” ensuring access to programs they and facilities they are allowed to participate in.

Inmates are allowed their first amendment rights, but are not allowed a reasonable expectation of privacy while incarcerated.

If you have any questions about the rights of an inmate, it is important to discuss them with your defense lawyer. Call today for your free, initial consultation.

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