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If drugs are found in a car and no one takes responsibility, every person in the vehicle can be charged with possession. This is known as “constructive possession” and it carries the same weight as drugs being found directly in your possession. A Criminal Attorney can potentially fight these charges and get them thrown out, but a person should not delay in seeking representation. This is especially true if the drug in question results in a felony for simple possession.

Fighting a Felony Possession Charge

Some people think that a possession charge is something they can just go plead guilty to, pay a fine, and just get on with their life. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially if the charge is felony possession. Instead, a person is looking at potential jail time, stiff fines, and lifelong consequences of being a convicted felon. A Criminal Attorney can fight these charges and work to keep this conviction off your record.

For a constructive possession charge, if it can be shown that a person could not have known there were drugs in the vehicle, it could be possible to have the charges dropped. If, for example, drugs were found in the back seat and a person was riding in the front, it may be possible to prove that the drugs could not have belonged to the accused. A lawyer will examine the facts of your specific case to determine what defenses, if any, may apply.

If you have been charged with drug possession, The Law Offices of Patrick N. Anderson and Associates can help. By working to build reasonable doubt about your guilt or finding any improprieties that may exist in police behavior, it may be possible to have the charges dropped altogether. To learn more about how a Criminal Attorney can help with your Virginia drug possession charges, contact The Law Offices of Patrick N. Anderson and Associates right away.

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