Understanding Perjury

Anyone facing perjury charges will want to consult with a Virginia criminal lawyer who can help clear his or her name. While many people know perjury charges result from lying in court or misrepresenting oneself, perjury can result from many other situations as well.

251 Explained

251 Explained The 251 program is an option for anyone charged with drug possession in Virginia. The program, named after section 10.2-251 of the Virginia state code allows a person to have a case continued.  Throughout that period, the defendant must avoid any additional illegal behavior. The defendant must also take drug classes, submit to…


Timing Is Everything

When someone is facing charges for a crime like driving under the influence, the timing of the alleged crime may make a huge difference. If the alleged incident falls within a certain period of another DUI conviction, the penalties may be stiffer than if the charges are outside of that time period. An experienced Northern…