What To Do If Arrested

If you are arrested, your first words and actions may majorly affect the severity of the charges you will face or how your case is presented to the court. It is crucial that you retain the services of a criminal defense lawyer immediately who can help protect your freedom. If you are arrested, the first…


What Happens After An Arrest

Once you are arrested, you will be booked. In Virginia, as most states, booking includes taking your photo and fingerprints. You will be brought before a magistrate who will decide your initial bond, which must be paid for you to be released from jail. The amount will depend on the type and severity of your…


Accomplice Liability in Virginia

It is common knowledge that when a person commits a crime, there may be criminal consequences. This is also true for accomplices, or people who aid, assist, or encourage others to commit crimes. When a person did not personally commit a crime there are many defenses that an attorney may be able to raise.