Controversy Surrounds School Bus Cameras

Some districts in Virginia and Maryland have installed cameras aimed at catching drivers who illegally pass school busses as they load and unload students each day. According to a report on WTVR, the photos are then automatically sent to a company who notifies local police. Passing a school bus loading and unloading children is a…


Understanding Work Release

Work release is an option at times for some inmates. The work release program offers a prisoner an opportunity to gradually reenter the community. Our attorneys can help explain the benefits of work release, but when a prisoner qualifies for work release, he or she will be transferred to one of the local jails. Usually a…


Expungements in Virginia

Even if you were not convicted of a crime you have been charged with, just the arrest on your record can make it challenging to find a good job or may close other doors. In some cases, it is possible to seek to have your record clear. This is something we have handle many times.